Foreign trade salesman

Full Time
Posted 4 years ago

Job requirements

1.Use the channels provided by the company to find overseas customers, and do the follow-up work well;

2.Maintain good communication with customers and develop new customer sources with the help of industry platforms

3.Can give customers a timely response to product models, quality, etc. And handle customer’s Questions

4.Maintain old customer relations and handle customer orders well

5.Responsible for customer invitation at the exhibition, and went to the exhibition to receive the corresponding customers

6.Assist in other work arranged by superior

Job Qualifications

1.22-30 years old. Fluent in English listening and speaking, with non-English major CEM 6 / English major TEM 4/8

2.Ability to independently develop new customers and new markets, and be familiar with foreign trade processes and product positioning in the market.

3.Experience in the electronics industry is preferred

4.Work hard and conscientiously, quick and sensitive, strong sense of responsibility

5.Have good communication, coordination and execution ability.

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