E-commerce Operation Specialist

Full Time
Posted 4 years ago

Job responsibilities and qualifications

1.According to the company’s development strategy planning, responsible for the overall operation of Amazon or Ebay or AliExpress

2.Responsible for integrating relevant resources, formulating e-commerce platform brand promotion plan and implementation of promotion activities

3.Monitor and analyze industry dynamics and competitors’ market behavior and conduct targeted market analysis and formulate strategies

4. Regularly track and analyze e-commerce product strategies, marketing strategies, and means of industry competitors, formulate timely response measures, and continuously adjust and improve the company’s product strategies and marketing strategies and programs.

Job requirements

1.College degree or above; CET 4 or above, No barriers to reading and writing.

2.At least 1 year of experience in cross-border e-commerce, proficient in Ebay, AliExpress or Amazon and other platform management, and experience in the operation of fine electronic products is preferred;

3.Flexible and logical thinking, keen market analysis ability, good at solving various business problems, can withstand certain work pressure;

4.Cheerful personality, integrity, strong self-discipline ability, high work enthusiasm, good team guidance ability and cooperative spirit.

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